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Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise.

The Business Strategy of Pizza Hut Essay Sample

IT strategy is aligned to business strategy in terms of the selection of the IT platform being supported by the financing strategy.

It may result to errors that are hard to fix when it involves a third party delivery. Comparing to competitors the price of Pizza Hut is higher, due to providing good quality food.

Pizza Hut Essay Sample

This responsibility is because our customer, family and communities rely on each other which enhance the level of trust and this can only be build on honesty and dedication.

With the overwhelming success of the first outlet, the company opened another outlet in Delhi. One of their main strategies, which they still follow today, is the diversification of the products they offer.

Through open two-way communication employees share the companies objective and strive to provide complete satisfaction to our valuable customer. Pizza Hut has to strengthen its financial position either by increasing its equity or debt or both which will improve its internal position.

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Everything is there on the web-site just for the customer to select and make order. We will promise only what we can deliver. Ordering pizza is not rocket science but now it is explained a lot easier. As a result, the emphasis is on implementing the relationship based strategy with the suppliers so that alignment between different organizational cultures can take place and strategic focus is maintained Sharing of information is a critical consideration when it comes to geographically dispersed operations.

In order to address this issue, the management has to create a cross-functional team which consists of members from supplier organizations as well. Ice Cream Two scoops of ice cream strawberry, chocolate or vanilla topped with your choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce, with wafers.

One of the strengths of the company is the process of globalization. Pizza Hut service more than 1. The implementation of this strategy enables the company to reduce the cost of operations at the suppliers. There may be language barrier between the customers and the workers. Therefore, the company has a considerable level of information regarding market trends.

As mentioned before, the management maintains a constant process of change and this is facilitated by the flexible organizational structure. Target Market The target market belongs to upper — upper and upper middle class who has a definite taste for foreign foodstuff.

We will justify with everybody, to whom we are in contact, whether employees or customers — in assigning responsibilities, awarding incentives, and we will consider every body.

Their passion starts with their people, as it is their people that make the difference. This alignment has also been facilitated through the sharing of information by means of advanced technology.

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We are dedicated to the total success of Pizza business as a worldwide competitor. Regular visit of the customer to pizza branch may expose him to some threats.

As a result suppliers are able to assess the direction of structure developments and consider the possibility of implementing the same strategies in their organizational cultures. Focus is the process of developing niche market. It will target the young generation, aged 16 to About 2 decades ago the company launched a buffet restaurant, where customers who did not want pizza were offered few types of non-pizza items.

Strategic Human Resource Management. We will continuously improve our product and services. Unless there is alignment between core competencies and strategic focus, a business organization will not be able to develop a competitive advantage.

We will not entertain any unfair practices, which could harm our organization prestige We will establish the empire of friendship and trust between our employees and customers, so that they could be benefited and achieve instant satisfaction. Inthe first franchise unit opened in Topeka, Kansas. There may be waste of time in waiting for your turn to come.

Pizza Hut owns and operates more than half of its restaurant and delivery units making Pizza Hut, inc. Once you find the phone number, you pick up the phone, dial the number and speak to an employee of the pizza place, they will ask to verify your phone number and ask the type of pizza and the toppings that you would like to order.

Also there are some weaknesses of Pizza Hut. Background o Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world based in Addison, Texas, USA specializing in American-style pizza o It has 34, outlets in countries o Employing more thanpeople 3.

History o Our story began with one small restaurant and two young brothers - Dan and Frank Carney. Pizza hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza including pasta, salad, breadsticks, garlic bread and buffalo wings.

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of the world’s largest restaurant company Yum! Domino’s and Pizza Hut, the two big US fast food chains entered India in Each claimed it had the original recipe as the Italians first wrote it and was trying desperately to create brand loyalty.

Essay about Tales: Pizza Hut and Mcdonald. Country Store Inc., and Dominos Pizza Inc. Its bottom five competitors in the industry are Brazil Fast Food Corporation, Morgan’s Foods Inc., Rick’s Cabaret International Inc., Nathan’s Famous Inc. PIZZA HUT Pizza Hut (corporately known as Pizza Hut, Inc.) is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes including salad, pasta, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and garlic bread.

Pizzahut Environmental Forces Essay. Words Sep 28th, 7 Pages. Show More. Environmental forces The environmental forces are the external forces of Pizza Hut that will directly or indirectly influence the organization.

There are six environmental forces of Pizza Hut such as competitive, economic, political, legal and regulatory.

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